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Artists, creators, advocates and rule-breakers reinventing a life of courage and creativity.


Awakening: An Underwater Angel
Wolves & Women

What People Say

Mystère is an amazing photographer and mentor to young girls. I have been so impressed with her work.

Mary Anne Morgan - Fine Art Photographer

Mystère is an amazing combination of creativity and business smarts. She has the ability to come up with incredible ideas... and then see them through. Her writing, photography, and design skills are top-notch, and I am constantly in awe of all she creates.

Lain Ehmann - Marketing Maven for Tony Robbins

People want a bit of your magic so they can find freedom in their life. Keep on shining.

Alicia Dunams - Bestselling Author


I am a nomadic INFJ pluviophile originally from Seattle, with a penchant for deep conversation over great coffee. An insatiably curious renaissance woman passionate about self-discovery, worldschooling and creative exploration.

Photographer & Filmmaker

Visionary imagery for freedom-seeking women.

Artist & Designer

Website, graphic and instructional design at Apple Inc. Avid artist of all genres.

Teacher & Speaker

Media appearances and live events from 3000 in-person to millions via audio and video.

Best-Selling Author

5 non-fiction books, 30+ magazine features, and over 1000 online articles.

Unschooling Advocate

Certified teacher turned worldschooling and homeschooling advocate.

Health & Wellness Coach

Certified Ayurvedic Health Advisor and Yoga Instructor. Director, Invisible Illness film.